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You're almost there!

Ever had a great drink, got the recipe... and forgot it?

Have you threw away a drink you made because it was badly mixed?

Me too. 

With these cards... ALCHOL (and drink in general - for those that don't touch alcohol) WASTAGE BE-GONE!

These hand-lettered and drawn (that's my handwriting) cards are great for:

  • When you need to remember the recipe for that great drink you had last night. 
  • Making drinks in huge batches. Who needs to remember all those numbers?
  • Parties. Why play bartender all night and potentially miss out on all of the fun? Write the recipes for your favourite libations (or five), get the ingredients and turn your guests into ameteur mixologists for the night.  

And if you like your drinks shaken not stirred, go ahead and pen them in those instructions.